Zero (nothingness)Ascension (Merkaba)The Great GeometerAll Watched Over By Machines Of 
Loving GraceThe Jellyfish (garbage)"Insolent Mockery of the Divine Under Centrist Rule""The Star (emperor)""The Passage""Uncovered""Traitor""Drained""The Bridge""Dystopic (ventilate)""The Turtle""ARARITA""Entangled""Drifting (Apologies to Charlie Harper)""The Ideal - Cretin and Whore""The Tower""The Cultural Bolsheviks' Order of Battle""Nature as Seen by Sick Minds""Model""Architecture of Doom""Elf""Hexagram: Yellow""Hexagram: Green""Hexagram: White""Hexagram: Grey""Peace""Destrudo""Hexagram: Red (The Blade)""Hexagram: Blue (The Chalice)""Milkcow""Zydokomuna""Plan B"
Entartete Kunst
2009 - 2013
A personal project that was undertaken by the artist to get back to his creative roots. It continues to evolve and expand.

Limited Edition giclees available.

"Victoria, BC-based Derek Stenning creates otherworldly compositions. Astronauts circling space stations in the future, floating in space, falling into deeper outer space are all the situations in the highly detailed work, as well as some remarkable space suit construction."

- Juxtapoz