Derek Stenning
Concept Artist + Illustrator

"Life and death, nature and technology, animal and human all collide in Derek Stenning's vivid, eye-catching depictions of cosmonauts as freedom fighters, struggling above the earth in a simultaneously hard and smooth sky. With a colour palette as juxtaposed as his images, Stenning's bold lines and geometric shapes tell a narrative of intolerance and stasis in a bleak cityscape, and remaking of this world by an artist-warrior escaping the chains of both gravity and society. He invokes symbols of the natural world and images of birth to remake artistic expression in a more liberated space. Above all, these artworks, beginning as sketches and evolving with computer graphics, convey raw emotion, as well as the tension and personal struggle within the artist."

- Adan Jerreat-Poole
Rooms Art Uncovered Magazine